Muhammad Muttahar Department of Computer Science Virtual University Of Pakistan Lahore

Muhammad Muttahar Department of Computer Science Virtual University Of Pakistan Lahore, [email protected] AbstractComputer networks are evolving and dramatic increase in every aspect of technologies force us to make sure the securities of network. In order to increase the security levels along with robustness of network we have to take deep dive into most common and critical issues in the domain of secure networking. We are going to expose the major issues in security of computer networks. Beside the discussion of network security issues also proposing the effective and efficient ways to solve the issues incorporate with different specifications of networks. This include foundation of security solutions with the advanced level integrations. By use of given strategies and mention technologies we can control our economies loss and security threats cause due to intrusion and attacks on computer network. KeywordsComputer Networks, Security, issue, solution, analysis , mechanism Introduction The computer networks are gaining attention as rapid development of computer network along with this security attention is also increasing. With context of data analysis of the particular network, the security issues can be determined. We discuss the security related data as the security concern it is important to encrypt the security data so that the intrusion and vulnerabilities could be in control. The crucial and difficult part of security is to detect the gap in the design, and we have to fix the gap and avoid the attacks that could be occur with the strong algorithm in this particular purpose. We are going to achieve our security related goals of a computer network system by apply certain mechanism and methods. We are going to proposed the solution with will be compatible with the heterogeneous networks. We are elaborating the possibilities of security gap with the context of different design of networks and different scenarios. Majority of our research emphasize on the data related to security and we will discuss the leading technologies. Scalability and stability are some of the major factors, which should be consider to develop the quality of the high point integration of security related to context data for intrusion detection. Authentication is the additional integrity of the secure data and is use to ensure the protection of the purposed solutions of computer network security. Additionally we provide enterprise, distributed authentication services in computer networks,—— have proposed a design which have self-secure solution in which nodes of computer network individually give authentication services to all devices in the computer network. We first do a local model that have basic design and then moreover we proposes transform local service which heavily act on their previous effort therefore by making scalable contribution in updating and oppose more stronger adversaries. Efficiently mixing examined data from different computer networks —– had made distributed intrusion avoidance system for computer networks rely on pervasive technology examination is performed in the whole computer network for interruptions and make it possible to decline intrusion and threats attacks. They had accomplished an efficient and power conscious library which detects intrusion at different levels taking step forward into complex distributed system of computer network. All nodes in computer network make a request to next hop to transmit authentication text for main intended data sender of targeted system sending secure data source investigating the secure route for desired destination. When received route in response also confirmation text message sending data source finds the correctness of path with respect to its predefined protection algorithm. Secure computer network routing protocol rely on constructed design of the routes and integrated security of protocol. Y. Shen.2 have designed and implement the security integrated protocol for computer networks to enhance usage with nodes of limited processors and power regarding Denial-of-Service. For authentication we use encrypted password that should be according to the predefined policies which are considered to be the low standard in security control. Passwords will be unique and should be of computer controlled proscribed passwords policy and periodic testing. In order to perform robust authentication requires understanding of the security achievement and cost of application user adoption and administration. User interaction can improve as users are trained by teaching about robust authentication with usage. Many technologies are active now which gives robust authentication having different password creation cryptography based issues reflect tokens and softwares. More over certificates and digital signatures are used to give birth to separate predefined instructions area. Security issues anaylysis Distributed systems security Since decade, there is more trend in distributed computing system, where hardware components and software components are in connection within a network. In distributed system the software is executed on different client processors and data is exchanged between different computing devices, So integration of security layers are necessary to be compactable with all communicating and data sharing systems. Security problem like cascading occur at different levels when interconnection of devices have high flow of data exchange. We design security layers such that any two system maintain their security levels differently. First classification is between highly secret data and secret information. Unclassified and secret data classification which are updated separately, Client requiring this service should be communicate through the processor which is assigned to relative task. The phenomena of requiring the remote service is completed transparently to the client. From the clients perspective required services are shown embedded on the systems which are directly in connection. Security For Virus Attack A virus come in to play from .exe files external connectivity of data resources. IN .exe file the virus perform a program to do some destructive activity which can be more than the requiring. Scattering the intended goal into unaware tasks, the virus may print a text on screen or do something more than it .Virus might be harmful by deleting all of the main data from memory. The virus can be very hard to find out. Main sources of virus injection into our computer system is through USBS floppy disks and some websites which uses client side web languages for this purpose. Now a day mostly viruses are kicking in system through modems. The Internet is the big platform for viruses so a large scale of research is required to protect our computer networks. Virus can bypass many of our security related layers and firewalls. When we download the data from internet or mails then we can check the data through firewall. Beside that client and server side virus protection is also mandatory . Since last decade viruses injected through internet is big problem as the usage is increasing globally. Some viruses could be recognized by checking for the authentication through permitted access to spread spectrum when the threat is detected. Different viruses defined by the propagation and have no specific descriptions of which detection might be while executing the program through virtual processor environment. Macro viruses is another form of threats that need a high security techniques and algorithm. After executing or opening the file the virus starts doing work immediately, for prevention some techniques may be predefined to stop the harmful effects before the executions. One suggested method is the of detection of virus and then further steps may be taken by removing the virus or implement the avoidance techniques for some time which are much useful. The concern of security of viruses there are many interrelated methodologies and factors with respect to virus definition. Security is improving after the window NT/95 and some XP versions now a days very extensive enhancement in security but still some major issues are in research process as some of them are define above. More the value of data more security features will be configured with the application environment in computer networking. Security For Virtual Private Networks Attacks Virtual private networks (VPN) is secure data communication platform within secure network with secure channels and provide better solution for network operators. Some major characteristics are provided with encryption of data with secure protocols. All lines among firewalls protection in public networks would have encrypted Virtual Private Networks for make sure privacy and serving of the data traversing through the unsecure network. All Virtual Private Networks terminals should give approval also maintained with the help of the networks service manager. Unsuitable given encrypted data is necessary to make superior to functional usage of Virtual Private Networks. Secure business networks more often desire integration for all following business networks. Different networks split into small part which are then further use for implication of network security layers by different organizations individually so that the whole network is incorporated with high level of integration of various policies based on different strategies of avoidance of network security gap. Different anatomy cause high protection upon networks connections the integrated security on components involving produce big network breakdown into layers of the poor network. Upon survey reports we make connection of protected networks effectively interrelated that would be comprehensive definition for effective integrated security of specific networks. Protected networks having executed techniques of security of networks which are contributed with same security policy and have high security grip, methods and algorithm supply on committed set of high featured security protocols. Week network which does not have security protocols and having poor and week implemented security integration is locatable by attacks and cause many more effort to accomplish the task of security as defined in secure networks. Efficient and high level rules of integration of security among various computing networks within the secure area have to give access to connection for only those one which only implement trusted networks managed by considerable security rules. Firewall Incident Incident reporting perform specific task of anomalies which are detected or caught by firewall. Predefined instructions are necessary for find the kind of report to caught and appropiate actions done on general caught and save report. Following stretegies are sugguested in order to serve all alerting conditions Reports of firewall are saved per day or once a week or month for future use and analysis of information. Reports of firewall have to be check after a week for detection of threats and viruses. When the attack is detected by the system there should be immediately alert message send to the firewall operator to take sudden security actions. Firewall should refuse all types of problemetic attacks which are coming to firewall and make sure that data is secure and is not unsecure and release by firewall. This particular way will reject unconcern malicious attacks and which are identified to real high security issues in a network for big and hard the security responsibilities of the network. System Firewall Integration Avoid unauthenticated implementation for firewall integration many kind of completness to make sure the procedure of developing the key strategy must be established. Most often cyclic redundancy checks(CRC) or internet checksums and cryptography is used to implement the infrastructure of secure computer network. Moreover the firewall operator or administrator take the responsibility to avoid the malicious and unwanted sevices attacking on the computer network by setting up proper configration of firewall so important thing is that the system integrity involves the upgration of databases residing on the external network or local computer external media. In the case that system integrity make sure that all firewall is well configured then we can say that the our network system is compromised.When ever the firewall administrator make some changes in the firewall configuration then simultaneously the database should also be synchronized. IN order to integrate our system properly all configuration files must be out of the network cause of some security issues and secure network system integrity. Backup compatiblity should be always implemented in order to recover our system in serious attack and make our firewall active every time to protect the computer network. Our firewall is always present within protected computer network, limiting the access to the computer network will help us to accomplish task related to our computer network security issues and the system firewall and advance computer network security alerting system implemented before the integrity of the whole system.Firewall manager shoul make sure that the place where the actuall firewall exist is secured and prevented froom heat and air conditions are properly running and fire extinguishers are present and all this stuff shoil be maintained on regular basis cause of red light area. Firewall maintinace must evolve upgration and installation of hardware and software along with compatibility of advance integration issues. When upgradion is in process it is necessary that important restrictions and limitaions should be in consideration to make sure that persistant maintainance of high alert network security having some of them which are important for entire network security generally system of upgration is included. Optimzed solution is that firewall manager should take care of performance issues of firewall and use only the firewall vendor specific memorization and processing capabilities. Firewall manager should take care of new released versions from vendor and upgration of the surity system on time with the integration of new released versions of firewalls and vendor recommendations should be properly configured in time. Most important is that the firewall manager and user should not use any untrusted software or hardware from the external source because all the sources should be from vendor or the recommendations from the vendor. Firewall integration with good manner include the responsibility of firewall manager to get in touch with the vendor every time through proper channel and when ever the upgration is needed check the firwall and use the vendors instructions restrictly. Firwall manager should be act upon every direction given from the vendor implicitly and confirm that the parts he is using in firewall integration are all from the vendor. When ever all upgrading is completed the firewall operator should recheck the whole firewall updated specifications an well test it and make sure the all is done according to the instructions of the vendor. Network gateways are used widely for protections on server side often said proxies which are upon firewall. Proxy have request from outside reseach to send require approval to the inside the receiver end which give relative hostage. Gateway help events in a way that client authenticate and save to information in file. Network gateways are high level protected kind of firewalls and this compatibility serve us very benifits for high risk site. System Complex Gateways Complex gateways form with two or greater types of the firewall to execute firewalls in line neglecting in multiple lines. Integrated firewall are efficient in one line if it is configured in multiple lines the level of security decreased to low level integrated security. Within context of high security risk circumstances complex gateway might be dominant selection for secured firewall configuration. Moreover, computer networks security is highly effected by occurrence of extensive use within existing capacitance, which provide through distributed systems, becomes realistic form, when distributed operation perform on a distributed system. Let assume the problems which are concerned with remotely accessed security APIs. Authentications are performed on various distinguishable computers and processors cause authorize servers rely on a different computing processor. Technique use to describe the particular server is that client is always access by authentication. Which would more often done by the help of a token which had been given by the compute network security server. That token service is to allow which is leading client and then assign processor on desired demand. The token is more often encrypted to use familiar data for demanded security server neither to un authenticated user nor to anonymous user. Latest upgrade is that the token may be having the time stamp technique for integration of bit more secure service. Overview of phenomena is that the client requests the ticket firstly and request the needed service to computer network security server. Server check the authentication of client for the requested service and give response through encrypted token or with time stamp feature. That token is further traverse through the journey to the requested server and then procedure decryption evaluate the correction of token to verify the clients authority. The client then get accessed for the requested service. Authentication Delegation Apart from the discussed issues of computer network security the mechanism used within distributed systems network is authentication delegation. Which happened after the client request of services from a specific server. For example, the client had made request for service from Server X. Server after his turn requests Server Y to do some task to serve the clients request. Main problem is that how to make sure Server Y that the client have authentication and have to give permission to connect with Server Y. We suggested one solution for this problem that is to have the client give token for respective targeted servers, but with this solution approach the client has to know total servers which may be targeted by client. We suggested another technique which is to extend the token assigning function integration in the specific computer network security server to have tokens for all provided servers that could be targeted by client for making request for service. We suggested the third solution which is obviously best one is the design of efficient algorithm which serves both techniques by having information if the data required for both approached which are describe above and serve client. As number of security threats, attacks and viruses are becoming so much popular as well as common now a day so, there should be some vital overwhelming to overcome the issues computer network security is facing. According to our survey the following figures are computed for viral viruses and worm which are targeting the computer network security. Future Research domains We had observe that what had happened within cent before Threats productive history the largest quantity of Trojan virus, and harmful effects on social network today cyber crime is increasing with high deviations. How we can protect this growth rate and what strategies help us to control the increasing malware, threats and virus attacks, we can also make some prediction about expectations for future. In present, cyber malware is no longer a malware, cause of adoption of this fact on daily basis. Continuously increasing viruses are becoming a headache. Therefore, we should must be able to understand them so that conception of information about security of our computer network is able to fixative. The crucial fundamental principles of theory of information security have secrets and integrity. We can understand inspiration behind various cyber-attacks, we can more clearly think about the future scope of cyber-security. The cyber-security could be heavily modify into four categories mention below Cyber violence (3) Cyber crusade Cyber crusade is a purpose of exploit or crash the computer systems. Cyper weapon is well program, which is constructed to aim at system and develop to destroy the whole network. This kind of cyber attack exploits the whole system and it will unable to have access to the system. The mission of this attack may be different and often these attacks are performs by sound people for example military or government. In this metod the attacker compromise the main services of the system and usually, these cyber crusade is for intelligent agencies of the country. (4) Cyber advocacy Cyber advocacy is the new way to do cyber crimes. It is a method of getting socialized on internet and do perform communicate techniques to do advocacy of any kind. Cyber advocacy have extensive use of networking to tramsmit and broadcast the malicious messages to interect with the computers on the specific network. Making somes tricks to get into the users computers and access the unprotected applications. Specialy cyber advocacy targets the plateforms which have large number of users like facebook and other social networks where huge number of people share there information for example skype may be the attention of the attacker in near future. Conclusion Malwares in computer networks communication security have classified into two types Active attacks and Passive attacks. The aim of a active attack is to use the information which is not shared by the authenticated source. The aim of an active attack is to capture information either it is shared by authenticated source or unauthenticated source. Passive cyber attacks are most often not be caught but we can prevent our system from these types of attacks on the other hand active attacks are caught by the system by implementing the detection algorithm. Encryption method is used for all computer network communications security integration rely on. This technique is also used for avoidance and protection of passive cyber attacks by escaping the interruption from information observer. Data sequence may be masked with a unique key which is associated and implement security integration in the voting of IVs. In the layer of protocols it is specified advance that which information and traffic of data is precise for analysis. Active attacks are categorized in different parts 1) message stream modification 2) denial of message service 3) imprecise association initiation Above cyber attacks may be avoided by usage of an encryption algorithm. message stream modification detection is basically dependent on the usage of unique key for each group a specific ordered series of number for each PDU, and an error prevention code which can be changeable certain to each PDU. Denial of message service is crucial for active attacks that are usually quickly examine. Deep analysis of network security and data which is collected essentially and particularly for detection of computer network security attacks and network vulnerabilities which cause intrusions, therefore, participating in security of a whole computer network system. This paper includes the introduction of the concepts of data which is collected for computer network security, illustration of basic requirements and defining the core objectives with incorporated functionalities and integrated security feather. we also have shown the advance data collection technologies and specifically the mechanism and implementation of the data collection technologies. Linking for data communication to external networks or the Internet is dramatically increasing and becoming leading place in business community of this decade. These communication channels and network must be effectively as well as efficiently secured for protection of internal trusted computer networks from vulnerabilities and security attacks. For attaining these security services we highlighted the mechanism and security policies in this paper and this should provide an effective mechanism to implement the considerable level of featured controls for protection of computer networks from attacks and intrusions. References 3 S. D. Krit and E. Haimoud, Review on the IT security Attack and defense, in Proc. Int. Conf. Eng. MIS, Agadir, Morocco, 2016, pp. 446. 4 Ciampa, M. (2004). Security guide to network security fundamentals, 2nd ed. MA Course Technology 5 Higbie, C. (2007). Why Seven-layer Security Is Crucial for Networks. ComputerWorld, February 1. Available from http// 6 Avolio, F.M. (2000). Best Practices in Network Security. Network Computing, March 20. Available from http//www. 7 2005 Computer Crime and Security Survey. Retrieved on March 14, 2006 from CMPNet Website http// 8 Daler, T., Gulbrandsen, R., Melgard, B. (1989). Security of Information and Data. pp. 13-14. 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