It was my aunt’s jubilee day

It was my aunt’s jubilee day. We thought of celebrating it with an orphanage. So we went there. There we saw many children suffering with autism and many adults who were handicapped. I felt very sad when I saw them. They welcomed us in a very happy manner. We thought of spending the whole day with them. First we attended the pray.
Then we danced and sang with them. Some of my friends imitated some film artists, sang songs and we enjoyed like anything. Then we thought of having lunch with them. They told that the food was so tasty. We felt very happy. Many among them were good artists. They showed us some pictures which they drew. They were so talented and artistic. Now I was time for us to leave. We only spent a day with them, but we were together as a family. When we told that we are going, they felt very sad and they cried.
One among them gifted me a drawing. That was so beautiful. They didn’t want us to go back. Everyone felt sad.
This was the important day in my life.