Everyone has a favorite holiday

Everyone has a favorite holiday, whether it’s Easter, Halloween or Thanksgiving. Mine is Christmas, a day where families gather and spend quality time together. To begin, Christmas always seems to bring out the best in people. During this holiday season, everyone is joyful. They smile more, they put up decorations, they spend time with the people they love, and are overall just happier. To continue, it’s a time to give and to receive. Who doesn’t love getting presents? However, let’s not forget about giving. Nothing is better than finding the perfect gift for someone and seeing their reaction when they open it up. In addition, I get to spend this time with my family. Personally, I don’t have much family in Canada, but for the ones that are here, we celebrate this feast with each other. We put up many decorations and open presents together, which I absolutely love. In the end, I enjoy every other holiday, but definitely not as much as I enjoy Christmas.