Afterward, in the 1980s, IKEA was confronted environmental and social issues. Danish experts passed control as far as possible for formaldehyde outflows allowable in building items. IKEA was fined as the tests demonstrated that some IKEA items utilized more formaldehyde that was permitted by enactment. The case was generally announced. To recoup the issue, the organization even changed their provider to meet the control made. Those case make IKEA be more worry about natural. The organization even have the dialog with WWF and Greenpeace and utilizing the measures set by the Forest Steward Council. IKEA makes an approach for not utilizing any sources originated from unblemished regular timberland or from backwoods with a high protection esteem. Following the strategy, IKEA distinguished four other natural criteria to be connected in the business task which incorporates adjusting the item extend, working with providers, transport, and circulation and guaranteeing ecologically cognizant stores. IKEA’s unawareness of environment, the use of particleboard on IKEA products can cause illness because it is dangerous for health. IKEA is unaware of the resources that the company used on production and it is not standardize. Because of the environmental issue, IKEA learn new things and change the way of production with help from environmental organization such as WWF.